Monday, August 28, 2006

Muppets Singing and a Rabbit Blowing Raspberries

Earlier this month my wife's family visited us for two and a half weeks. That was very nice.

Since they left I have been busy writing a sermon and catching up on chores that did not get done while they were here. (Not that I minded.)

But I also have been dilenquent in blogging about silly links! However, I've been busy and only have two.

A friend sent me this Google video link of the Muppets singing "Mah-nah-mah-na". Now the song is stuck in my head. Things could be worse.

There probably cannot be a bad picture of a cute rabbit sticking its tongue out.

I leave soon for a week of travel, to a cousin's wedding. Blogging will be light until next Wednesday.

UPDATE: Here's the animated image to match the Muppet song. I would give credit to whomever made it, but I have no idea who did.

UPDATE: The aboe Google video link has gone bad.  Here is the YouTube link.