Saturday, August 26, 2006

Tao of Yeshua: Chapter 16

I attain utmost emptiness and observe single-minded quietness by contemplating how the ten thousand things all operate and then return to nothingness.
Indeed, all things flourish and then return to the root from which they sprang. Returning to the root can be peaceful if one has surrender and trust.
Surrender and trust are a constant law. Knowing this constant is enlightenment. Those who do not know this constant run foolishly into disasters. Knowing this constant we endure, accepting things as they are. Therefore we are unprejudiced and all-embracing, as is Heaven. By showing grace as Heaven does we become great and one with the Way. Abiding with the Way forever, we are safe and whole even after losing our body.

Accept that things flourish and then fade.
Choosing whom or what you want to see flourish will cause you trouble.
Simply show grace to everyone.
Become one with Yeshua as he abides in you.
Then your life will be great and your fading will be peaceful.