Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Tao of Yeshua: Chapter 3

Not honoring talent ensures people will lack rivalry and contention..
Not prizing goods that are difficult to obtain ensures that the people do not become robbers.
Not displaying what is desirable ensures that the people do not covet..
Therefore the Saint, in the exercise of government, empties their desires and fills their bellies, softens their ambitions and toughens their bones. This ensures that the people remain free from yearning and coveting, and prevents those who yearn from any ado.
Practice Non-Ado and everything will be in order.

If we have our basic needs met,
all we need to achieve joy, place, and purpose
can be obtained through experiencing
the limitless grace and presence of Adonai.
People who think having more than this is needed
to achieve joy, place, or purpose are insatiable.
Catering to them does not really help them.