Saturday, August 12, 2006

Groups that Support Israel

The MJAA does a lot to support Israel. It runs three programs to help all Israelis:
  • the Joseph Project, which brings immense amounts of finanical aid in goods to poor Israelis
  • the Nehemiah Project, which offers financial aid in money to poor Israelis
  • the Messianic Israel Forest Project, which plants trees in Israel
two programs to help Jews make aliyah:
  • Operation Tikvah, which helps Ethiopian Jews make aliyah
  • the Russian Emergency Aliyah Fund, which helps Jews in the former Soviet Union make aliyah
and a program to help Messianic Jews in Israel:
  • the Messianic Jewish Israel Fund, which helps Messianic Jewish congregations in Israel
Not only does the MJAA do so much, it also does it quite efficiently. For example, every $1 contributed to the Joseph Project brings about $100 of goods into Israel. The goods, cargo ships, and crew for the ships are all donations, so only fuel for the ships needs to be bought with the contributed funds.

Since the MJAA does so much so well, most Messianic Jewish congregations (including P'nei Adonai) do not have their own programs to support Israel. They just have programs to help people locally, and contribute to the MJAA efforts.

In fact, the MJAA does so much that I have not paid very much attention to other groups supporting Israel.

I know about the Joseph Storehouse, since I've met the people who run it. They do wonderful work, but don't have the leverage of the huge MJAA efforts.

I know about Bridges for Peace, because they come to Eugene to give presentations. They do not work with Messianic Jewish organizations. Their primary work is to promote communication between Christian and Rabbinic Jewish groups (for which any cooperation with Messianic Jewish groups would only be a hinderance). They also give charitable aid to Israel's poor and help Jews in the former Soviet Union make aliyah (a sensible duplication of the MJAA efforts since back when Bridges for Peace was founded even those Christian groups that wished to support Israel would usually have nothing to do with Messianic Judaism).

I know about AIPAC, because since my mother passed away I get her copy of this group's newsletter. They are the largest pro-Israel lobbying group in U.S. politics.

I know about Sar-El, which helps people volunteer in Israel. Some of Eugene's teenagers have participated in their programs.

I know about the traditional organizations used by larger Jewish community, such as the JNF (I may still have that old blue-and-white tzedakah box somewhere), Jewish Federations, AFMDA, and others.

I know about many groups (or individuals that online rally a group) who support Israel by sharing current things to pray about. I've stopped paying attention to these. I have found I now normally hear news through other friends and pro-Israel blogs earlier and more accurately than as shared by these "prayer networks".

Last week, because of e-mail and blogging, I happened to come across a bunch of other groups supporting Israel, which I had either never heard of or never looked at closely. Here are some of them:
  • Voices for Israel shares Israeli music (for example, this video of Chazak Amenu) and helps publish music written by Israelis who have been killed by terrorism
  • the organization AISH supports Jewish education, and is known in the internet for its short pro-Israel videos
  • the ICEJ seems to be a lot like Bridges for Peace; since it's 4 years younger I'm not sure what it's about
I also found out about some organizations that share news from or about Israel without that bias caused by accepting Arab myths. These include the Israel Project and Stand With Us.

So... what other notable groups am I missing? (And check out the videos! Both links open to HTML pages, not directly to the videos.)