Thursday, August 24, 2006

Tao of Yeshua: Chapter 15

The most ancient followers of the Way were subtle in mystery and profound in discernment. Too deep to be understood, we are forced to only describe them.
How cautious, like one who walks a frozen stream in winter!
How alert, like one who fears his enemies on all sides!
How courteous, like one who is a guest!
How yielding, like ice about to melt!
How whole, like uncarved wood!
How open, like a valley!
How mysterious, like muddy water!
What clears the muddiness? Be still and the muddiness will clear itself.
What gives patience? Have confidence that the right action will present itself.
Those who followed the Way did not desire to be full. Indeed, because they were not full, they waited like a seed, hidden ready to sprout at the best time.

How can we be like the apostles?
We can imitate their virtues.
They were often in danger yet always generous;
always proclaiming truth yet not always understandable.
Most of all, they did not live for themselves,
but patiently followed Yeshua, waiting for him to use them.