Thursday, August 10, 2006

Tao of Yeshua: Chapter 8

The highest potential is like water, which benefits all things without ever striving. Water stays in the lowest places which all men loathe. Therefore it comes near to the Way.
What one values in real estate is the location;
What one values in the mind is depth;
What one values in relationships is kindness;
What one values in speaking is integrity;
What one values in ruling is orderliness;
What one values is business is efficiency;
What one values in action is grace.
Indeed, by not striving one remains blameless.

Anything can become the best it can be
without taking away from other things.
Examples of merits independent of comparisons:
good land, wise minds, kind hearts, kept promises,
peaceful places, effective businesses, timely deeds.
Don't compare yourself to others and covet their virtues.
Realize your potential by humbly walking with Adonai.