Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tao of Yeshua: Chapter 14

Looking, we cannot see it. It is called invisible.
Listening, we cannot hear it. It is called inaudible.
Grasping, we cannot touch it. It is called intangible.
As these three properties are unfathomable, they indeed merge into one.
Its rising is not bright, nor is its setting dark, yet continually and unfathomably it rises and then returns to nothingness.
Thus it is called the formless form, the imageless image, unfathomable and unimaginable.
We approach it but cannot see its face. We follow it but cannot see its back.
Yet if we cling to the ancient Way to manage our lives, we will understand the origins of creation. The Way has a thread of the very beginning.

Yeshua is approachable yet hidden.
We cannot make him reveal himself,
even though we are able to follow him.
By clinging to him we understand him,
as well as ourselves and creation.