Tuesday, November 25, 2008

August Videos

I've finished editing the videos of Smiley from August. Here are a few comments to help add some meaning. (To see all his August videos go to this link.)

His "almost crawling" stage lasted many weeks. When we recorded the video in mid-August we thought he would be crawling soon, but he was not really crawling until the end of September.

In August he was too small for the Exersaucer even though he enjoyed it. We had to put a pillow under his feet or they would dangle.

Bubba is Smiley's great-grandmother (my mother's mother). She likes nibbling on baby necks and thighs. She enjoys good health and during her visit in August would play with Smiley on the living room floor.

Only since mid-November has Smiley figured out how pacifiers work. Back in August he would treat them like any other object and grip it randomly before putting it in his mouth. To help him grip it I tied two together so most of the outside edges were handles.

Smiley chatted lots. He likes flying.

We did not get a video of the first time he put his foot in his mouth, but this one was close.

Our photos have several photos of his swing. Here's a video of him enjoying it.

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