Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Climbing, Sitting, and Standing Photos

Smiley was crawling somewhat at the end of September. It was sort of a "Frankenstein Monster Crawl" with very little elbow bending and a lot of noise and his hands smacked onto the carpet.

At the beginning of October our wood floors still gave him trouble. His knees had too little traction for his amateur technique.

Like my brother, Smiley will definitely be a climber. We put his swing away in the garage because he kept trying to climb into it, which was not safe.

Climbing over a parent remains one of his favorite activities. To Smiley it is a completely different challenge when I lie on my side, or back, or front, or when I kneel. Even crawling over ankles is entertaining.

A week into October, outside. No fabric on his knees this time, and the gazebo floor is not as slippery as the indoor wood floors.

I was surprised by how long his "sitting" required one hand on the floor beside him for stability. He has only been sitting without using either hand since early November. He was "cruising" before truly sitting, which apparently is normal but not what I expected.

Smiley stood up for the first time, using the couch for support, on October sixth. For the following few days he was quite frustrated trying to stand more. He had lost interest in crawling.

Here is a more recent picture. These days his harmony has been restored and he is happy to play standing or sitting, and enjoys exploring as much as having a toy.

Back to October: Tushy shot. During the last two weeks of October he had a pretty bad diaper rash. Here he is in the gazebo airing out. The diaper rash timing was actually not too bad: since ointments clog the fabric pores of cloth diapers he wore disposables those two weeks, which were also the two weeks his stools were transitioning from goopy to solid. By the time the rash went away his soiled cloth diapers were less messy than before instead of more messy.

More climbing, this time up a big pillow.

We have a big "exercise ball" which rolls away when he tries to climb it.

He adores being bounced on top of the ball, or being held to it and rolled forward and back.

Once he realized he could stand using his ExerSaucer he decided it was much more interesting from outside than when sitting inside.

On November 4th he finally succeeded in climbing onto the lap desk.

Once he could stand quickly he could also peek out the window when he wants to.

That's not a chair, it's a trap!

Of course, for altitude nothing beats being held.

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