Friday, November 28, 2008

Morning Prayer for Smiley

Each morning, when I first greet or feed Smiley, I pray for him.

This is only worth writing about because it is very rare that I create a prayer which I say many times. Normally I either prayer spontaneously or use traditional prayers. But my prayer for Smiley has grown over the months into a form that I now use daily. Here it is with his name changed to his nickname.
Thank you, God, for Smiley.
Please give him health, wholeness, and strength; wisdom, kindness, and warmth.
May he have peace, joy, and contentment, and rest;
favor from you and from people.

And keep him free from allergies, iniquities, and other bad inherited things.
There are not too many things I have prayed about every day for more than seven months. I can think of three: myself, my wife, and the congregations to which I have belonged at the time.

Back when I led a congregation I would pray for the all the congregants very regularly. But I doubt I prayed for any one of them daily for seven months. I also pray for my relatives, but once again doubt I have done so daily for so long for any particular person.

UPDATE: The prayer now includes "rest" and "iniquities".

UPDATE: At some point during 2009, shortly after when Smiley shifted from two shorts naps per day to one longer nap, the time I say this prayer changed from in the morning to when I feed Smiley before his nap.

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