Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Three New Videos

I've edited and posted three more videos of Smiley.

(These are fairly recent, from November 21st. I'm still just as far behind with catching up on processing old videos. The good news is that on Monday I figured out how to make Avidemux work, which will help immensely. Kino does more but is much slower Flip video trimming.)

First, Smiley climbing well. He has crawled from his big box onto the lap desk but then gotten stuck in one of the lap desk's "pockets". He not only gets out but climbs down by backing off the lap desk.

The main reason we have climbing places in the living room is so he can learn to back off a ledge and be more safe around stairs. He has learned to not go off a ledge forward. We have often guided him through backing off but he still does not do this on his own. You will see he does it a bit accidentally in the video.

Second, he climbs poorly. He is on the lap desk again but fall off backwards after getting one foot up under his chest.

Third, he is playing with a toy phone his Bubba sent him. He loves this toy. The video is only 30 seconds, but after we gave it to him for the first time he pushed and pulled it for six minutes before finally growing bored.

He has a little car which is also likes to push and pull. This used to be his favorite toy, but the phone is wider and thus more stable, so he can play with it longer before he unintentionally flips it over and it stops rolling and making its noise.

(The phone does have a long cord, however, so he cannot play with it unsupervised.)

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