Monday, November 17, 2008

Problematic Infant Foods

Smiley has encountered two foods that cause him small problems.

The first is green peas.

He likes them very much. But green peas make many babies gassy, including Smiley. We did not know this and the day we introduced them to him he ate a lot of them. That night he was up from midnight until 2:30am fussing, his tummy quite bloated. We eventually thought to let him take a long bath, which succeeded in distracting him from his discomfort. Then he fell asleep.

His second problem food is wheat, which he apparently does not digest well. He had some baby cereal with wheat and oats for breakfast on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and subsequently his stools were mushy. This morning was 24 hours without wheat and his stools returned to being solid again. Not conclusive evidence that he inherited mommy's gluten intolerance but at least it shows that he currently does not digest wheat as well as vegetables and other grains.

We would like to have learned if he was also more tired during his three days of wheat eating: that would indicate that the wheat was actually passing through him undigested. But we attended a Shabbat gathering on Saturday afternoon that was crowded and noisy enough that he would not nap or eat there. So the latter two of his three wheat eating days had an outside reason for him to be worn out.

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