Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Level Two Househusband

Way back in early July I wrote about being a level 1 househusband.

There have been a few days where I thought about continuing the joke and claiming to have advanced to level 2. But on those days I was either very busy (getting an unusual amount done) or not sure any real milestone had been reached.

It's a bit difficult to know these things. I seldom have an opportunity to try diapering a creature with a negative armor class.

During the past week a definite milestone has been reached that combines to skills. First, I've learned to take a shower while holding Smiley. Second, I no longer dread coming home from errands with him and needing to change our clothes.

The problem is the need to keep all gluten crumbs out of the house. Our "be safe" assumption is that any time we have been at a store or friends' house we are carrying crumbs on our clothes. (If no place else, the car seats might have had some on them, carried there by clothes during past outings.)

So every time we come home from a store or friends' house I need to change my clothes and Smiley's and wash our hands and faces. To avoid re-contaminating our new clothes or the carpet we must do this at the same time and without him initially touching the ground. This is a bit of a juggling act, but I have learned over time.

This is all enough bother that sometimes I'll just have us take a shower, which allows me to "cheat" and undress him on my bathmat since I can simply wash the bathmat after the shower.

November's cold weather actually makes arriving home from the car easier. When Smiley wears his fleece outer garment then when we get home all I need to do to him is remove it and wash his hands and face.


cayswann said...

Her allergies are so severe that you cannot enter the house without going to a decontamination routine? Whoa.

David V.S. said...

Yea. We need to rinse off all of the groceries as well, in case a store stock clerk had crumbs on his gloves from some other food item.