Sunday, November 02, 2008

Brushing His Tooth

I'm way behind with posting photographs and videos of Smiley to the internet. I will try to catch up this week. Other work has calmed down a bit, finally.

In the meanwhile, here is a picture of Smiley trying to brush his tooth before bedtime, last Thursday night.

UPDATE: Many new pictures at the Picasa album, and a few new videos at the Blip TV album. I'll try to blog about these later this week. Something is wrong with our home Comcast internet service that stops large file uploads partway through, but I can still transfer videos to Blip TV when at my office.

1 comment:

Fred Collinsworth said...

My, what a very responsible boy! A lot of kids would require a few minutes of prodding, perhaps even bribing to get them to hold their toothbrush!