Sunday, November 16, 2008

Political Disorders

A year ago someone wrote that Conservatives have a distinct psychological condition.

After the recent election, someone writes that Liberals have a psychological malady.

It's nice to know everyone's in the same boat.

Well, except that voter turnout was still low this November, even among African-Americans and younger voters, as well as almost as balanced as in 2004.

I guess we should merely conclude that everyone who votes has issues. :-)

(I'm still processing bookmarks I made during the past few months to blog about. The first article was an interesting read. The second wasn't. I did finally find the 2008 election results as a 3D map by county here, to compliment the version from 2004.)

UPDATE: The Washington Post 3D map is animated but slow to load. For a static, quick version go here.

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