Friday, November 21, 2008

No Gmail, But Google

Sometimes the people I work with use Google groups, documents, or calendar.

How does this work for people without a gmail account? Unfortunately there does not seem to be a quick "how to" on Google's help pages. So here is what to do...

First, go to the Create a Google Account page and create an account whose account name is your non-gmail e-mail address. If you were invited to participate in a Google document, calendar, or group be sure to use the same e-mail address that received the invitation.

This account creation page will ask you to invent a password. It is not asking you for the password you use to check your e-mail. Instead, invent a new password.

Once you have a Google account you can use Google services (groups, documents, calendar, etc.) even if you never create a gmail account.

You should take a moment to adjust your Google account settings after making the account. Your "display name" will be initially set to the e-mail address you used, but should be changed to your name or some nickname. Also set your time zone if using a Google calendar.

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