Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sewing Projects for Babies

Back in July someone asked me for the measurements for the Boppy Insert. They did not provide an e-mail, and I'm only getting around to blogging about sewing stuff.

The Boppy Insert is basically a square 19 inches to a side. The top two corners are rounded. The top and side edges have a hem of padding two inches wide and one inch thick.

My preferred swaddle cloth is the "Miracle Blanket". But the pouch for the legs is unimportant: if the nursery is chilly then a pair of pants or a Halo Sleep Sack is sufficient and easier. So this "swaddle cloth with arm flaps" could be easily sewn.

Our final and easiest sewing project still needs a photograph. We hemmed a very long piece of knit fabric that was the end of a bolt (on sale) at the local fabric store. It works great as a baby wrap, and fits my wife better than the Ergo.

I should note that one part of the advantage of a wrap over the Ergo, allowing Smiley to be carried facing outward, is new to November. It is recommended to have young infants sit in a carrier facing the adult, so they can turn their head away from the outside world when they feel overstimulated. But now Smiley is seven months old and it gets dark so early in the evening: most of the walks he takes with Mommy are at dusk or after sunset so between the lack of light and his age we avoid him getting overstimulated.

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