Thursday, August 07, 2008

Let's Do The Swaddle Again!

Here's a second improvised song that was too fun to not write down.

I only improvised the chorus. The verses took some intentional effort and I'm still not happy with them. The original lyrics merged two themes of directional motions and a trippy sensation; the former was easy to mimc but the latter eludes me.

Time to be dreaming
You'll wake up beaming
With eyes a'gleaming
Face full of smile

But now you need snugness
Maximal hugness
In smiling snugness
You'll sleep a while

Your energy's draining
Your sounds all complaining
Eyelids are straining
To open again

So how should you rest?
One routine is the best!
Let's do The Swaddle again!

It's just a tuck to the left
And then a tuck to the right
Keep your knees out straight
As we wrap you tight
Why this calms you so
I cannot explain
Let's do The Swaddle again!

Now lay on your side
Your mouth opens wide
A finger to soothe
As I jiggle your head

You're spaced out on sensation
Like you're under sedation
Can't resist now
It's time for bed

(repeat chorus)

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