Saturday, August 23, 2008

Three Dreams

This past week I have had three unusually enjoyable dreams.

The first happened on Wednesday night. Earlier in the day I had read this cartoon by Shamus that mentioned the word "rick-rolling". I have no idea what this word means. Apparently it is an internet meme that I missed seeing. (I didn't even know about the sneezing baby panda video until a few weeks ago.) And apparently my subconscious cared.

In my dream a group of young boys was playing behind a row of houses on an undeveloped hillside by having foot races. There was a slightly similar hillside in my childhood, but the top of the dream one was used for a straight path of telephone poles. The telephone poles were bigger than normal and had buttresses made of three boards: two went a few feet horizontally from the bottom of the telephone pole, the top one short and the lower one longer, and a third board went diagonally from above them to both their ends and to the ground. The telephone poles not only had the usual small metal signs to number them but also a small metal sign with the name of the company that manufactured them: Rickroll.

The game played by the racing boys involved running the path of the telephone poles and alternately climbing over one or both horizontal supports or crawling under the lower one. The boys had nicknamed their game "rickrolling".

The second nifty dream happened on Thursday morning. I was with some people starting out on a walk to a beach. I realized I needed shoes, and that I was dreaming, so poof in the next scene I had shoes. This dream was notable only because I never have lucid dreams. Hopefully the next time I do I'll try to fly and not merely acquire footwear.

The third fun dream happened this morning. My high school had an annual tradition of a huge game of tag played with two teams, using little balls of flour wrapped in tissue paper to tag opponents. (There were a few more rules, but that is enough for now.) In this dream I was watching a the game as a professional sport, played in a building in the tropics built to mimic Mayan architecture. Somewhat like Unreal Tournament but starring Marvin Shagam.

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