Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tao of Yeshua: Chapter 55

One who is filled with Virtue is newly-born like an infant,
but poisonous insects and snakes will not sting him,
nor will fierce animals seize him,
nor will birds of prey will not claw him.
An infant's bones are tender and its sinews soft, but it has a firm grasp.
It does not recognize the union of male and female, knowing only their completeness.
This is like bodily essence attaining perfection.
It can cry and howl all day long without becoming hoarse:
This is like bodily harmony attaining perfection.
Harmony is known through constancy.
Constancy is known through enlightenment.
Attempts to extend one's life are unnatural.
Attempts to control one's breath are inflexible.
Those who spend strength on such attempts grow old and wither.
This is contrary to the Way, so it ceases to be.

Those filled with the Spirit of Adonai are born again,
made innocent and strong like an infant,
filled with an infant's love for parents,
and also miraculously protected.
Such harmony is maintained
by faithfully following Yeshua's way,
not through exercising the body in any manner.

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