Thursday, August 28, 2008

Tao of Yeshua: Chapter 59

For governing men and serving Heaven nothing is equal to a harvest.
To have a harvest one needs to follow immediately.
To follow immediately is to garner a double harvest of Virtue.
To garner a double harvest of Virtue is to overcome everything.
To overcome everything is reach an invisible height.
Only he who has reached an invisible height inherits the Kingdom.
Only he who has the "mother" of the Kingdom lasts eternally.
This is the way to be deep-rooted and firmly planted in the Way,
the secret of eternal life and lasting vision.

Be led by the Spirit
in willingness and timeliness.
Your days will be fruitful;
your work will be successful;
you will recognize your place in the Kingdom.
With Yeshua abiding in you, you will know eternal life.
With you abiding in Yeshua, you will understand your circumstances.


Lady 8:2Faye said...

I have read Chapters 59-61 so far, and, I like them so far!

Is the Tao of Yeshua Bible-based lessons? I definitely have to read more! :)

David V.S. said...

Hi, Faye,

The answer to your question is "somewhat". More information is here: