Sunday, August 31, 2008

Tao of Yeshua: Chapter 61

A great state like a watershed to which streams flow is the place of convergence for All-under-heaven.
It is the meekness of All-under-heaven.
Meekness always overcomes loftiness by stillness.
Stillness is the lowest position.
Therefore, by lowering itself before a little state a great state gains the little one.
By serving a great state, a little state gains the great one.
The one gains by becoming low, the other by being low.
A great state only wishes to embrace and feed more people.
A little state only wishes to be received and to serve.
Each shall get what it wishes if the great becomes low.

The Kingdom offers to welcome and nourish the world.
Its goodness is visible in its humility, meekness, and peace.
Yet it is great, and one day all other kingdoms will serve it.

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