Saturday, August 30, 2008

Miscellaneous Photographs

Well, I just did the photo-inclusive blog posts about learning to crawl, month four firsts, and Uncle Nathan's outfits.

A few of recent photographs did not fit any of these categories but are cute and worth sharing. Here they are!

Nom nom nom

To prevent Smiley from getting sunburned while we gardened, we purchased what some companies call a "sun shade" and others call a "beach shelter". It's half a tent.

(The product's box and the company's website have amusing use of obvious Photoshopping of backgrounds into photographs of their products taken in a studio.)

Smiley has a Binky problem. When he is nearly asleep and sucking by instinctive reflex he will use one normally. But when awake they are simply something with a texture that is nice to chew on (and, in our case, silicon, so BPA-free). He can manipulate it in front of him but normally chooses to suck on a side. Occasionally he decides the nipple or handle is best to chew on at the moment.

I purchased two more binkies and tied them together handles-out with ribbon to make an "large all handles and edges" version which he likes best. You can sort of see it in the picture of him smiling while trying to crawl.

Everyone fall asleep on their book while cramming.

Why did it take the Wookie an entire day to finish an eight page children's book? He wasn't very hungry.

Flying time! No snacks are served on this flight but sucking on hands is allowed.

After I do enough Baby Presses to give my arm and chest muscles a workout, I do Sit-Up Crunches. Smiley thinks my face approaching and retreating is vastly amusing.

Good morning!

He still likes to stand supporting himself against the couch.

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