Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I've mentioned Kevin and Holle's wedding twice now. The third time's the charm.

My wife works for ZFIN doing data curation. One of her co-workers made the wedding cake, which was amazing.

I jokingly suggested to their boss that the ZFIN website needs a recipe section. Chocolate cake that good must be shared! I mean, it had chocolate mousse between the cake layers and chocolate buttercream frosting under the outer layer of white chocolate frosting. Achilles would have gone to war over this cake.

The boss jokingly replied that I could always crash their next all-office priorities meeting and make the suggestion formally. I think a better idea is simply to make chocolate the number one term searched for in the search box on the ZFIN website.

I need your help! Go there now and search for chocolate. Tell your friends. You know you want this recipe...

Then the next time the file of search statistics is inspected the ZFIN team will know what needs to be done. :-)

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