Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tao of Yeshua: Chapter 57

A nation is made right by laws.
A war is won by exceptional strategies.
Yet the world is gained by Non-Ado.
How do I know this is so? By this:
Having more taboos and prohibitions makes the people poorer.
Having more deadliness of weapons makes the nation confused.
Having more cunning in craftsmen makes bizarre devices abound.
Having more new laws announced makes more thieves and robbers.
Therefore the Saint has said:
"I practice Non-Ado and so the people transform themselves.
I love stillness and so the people live simply and correctly.
I do not engage in enterprise and so the people have true riches.
I have no desires and so the people focus on their potential."

Spiritual leaders let God complete people.
Spiritual truths are simple, although deep.
Spiritual lives are prayerful and patient.

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