Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tao of Yeshua: Chapter 56

The Way knows but seldom speaks.
Mankind speaks but seldom knows.
Close the mouth and live simply at home.
The Way blunts sharpness, it unties tangles, it shades brightness, and it unites the world into one whole.
This refers to meekness mysteriously uniting contrasts.
We can neither court it nor shun it;
we can cause it neither benefit nor harm;
we can neither increase its honor nor rob it of its dignity.
It is the most revered in All-under-heaven.

Be quiet in mind, speech, and activity to hear Yeshua.
Avoid extremes. Seek him as he is, and where you are.
We can neither pursue nor escape him. Worship him.
(This chapter weaves together chapters 2, 6, and 52.)

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